Life Coach Startup with Julie Hubbard

September 10th 2015 · 27m 7s

Life Coach Startup with Julie Hubbard

Julie Hubbard

I've known Julie for several years and have worked with her on different projects and now she is starting up two new businesses while closing down her retail store that she opened up over nine years ago! Julie is in the highest caliber of fun, energy and intelligence, and it shows with every interaction she makes with customers, employees or even strangers. Putting that personality to work, she started to focus on a new journey of being a life coach. You can find out more about her endeavors at

Essential Oils

Julie is also selling essential oils and running a team of people who are also selling essential oils. She is very enthusiastic about the healing natures of these oils and we get into a little bit of my headaches when I was young and how smelling a lavender candle would seem to sooth my migraines. She posts about these and other inspirational quotes on her facebook page Your Focus Factor with Julie Ann Hubbard.

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September 10th 2015

27m 7s

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