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Running an Unconventional Branding Agency

Ava St. Claire comes on the show to talk about starting up The Moonrose Agency and the challenges she has faced as a minority in technology. We talk about the difficulties of the business side of small business, why she has a psychic on staff and the many awesome things Ava is working on with Moonrose.

April 21, 2017 46 minutes Interview

ava st. claire

Ava St. Claire, Founder / Principal Strategist of The MoonRose Agency, Inc.

Ava is an ultra talented founder working on a somewhat unconventional digital agency called The Moonrose Agency, complete with a psychic on staff. Situated in Chicago’s south side, she is also super involved with getting kids involved with community projects and teaching valuable lessons.

In this episode we talk about the challenges she has faced being a minority tech leader and how she overcomes by making it a part of the company culture. We also talk about the programs she is working on, like a logo project to collect every logo of businesses in Chicago, and what she is offering for that project.