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Making Media Collaborative and Transparent With Hearken

Corey Haines is the CTO and CoFounder of Hearken, a company with the small mission of making the media more transparent by boosting readers engagement during the reporting process.

April 7, 2017 55 minutes Podcast


Corey Haines, CoFounder & CTO of Hearken

Corey was on a year-long sabbatical after helping his last company during an acquisition. A friend of his reached out about a founder looking to build a new product that would help make the media transparent, and Corey got hooked. After meeting with Jennifer Brandel in January, they flew out to San Fransisco for a media incubator called Matter. They made an agreement: 6 weeks, no questions, if it doesnt work then they will part ways.

Find out how Corey leads his engineering team, the fundraising and why he got involved in this industry when he was previously working in such a different sector before cofounding with Jennifer.

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