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Becoming The Best Team in Chicago with Derek Nelson

This week Derek joins us to discuss hiring for his company Clique, how he manages his family life when he cant "shut off" and we talk about how Clique has become one of the best teams to work for in Chicago, and whats next now that they have reached that goal.

April 28, 2017 57 minutes Podcast

Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson, CoFounder / Partner of Clique Studios

Derek runs Clique Studios with partner, Ted Novak. Together with their team has strived to become the best team of designers, developers and marketers in Chicago. They have, and were awarded one of the Best and Brightest Companies to work for in Chicago. Derek is also a talented musician and writer producing some music with his band, Martin Van Ruin as well as putting out a weekly newsletter called re:act, focusing on action items you can do to help your community and country during this presidency.

In this episode we dive into how he and Ted started Clique, the challenges they faced and how they have never had a single month in the red. We also spend some time on how they hire, and what they look for in candidates. Which, they are looking to add several more people to their team, so check out their openings.